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[[Category:360 howtos]][[Category:Featured]]

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To access any of our GeoAgro tools and services(Farm360, courses, training, etc.), you'll need to create a GeoAgro user account.

To request a GeoAgro user account, please follow these steps:

1. Go to our site at geoagro.com (1) and then click in the Farm360 link (2) in the upper right corner:

Creating user.jpg

2. Click in Create new account.

F360 log in 0.jpg

3. In the Account information section, you'll have to enter a valid email address and a password. The password must be entered twice in order to be validated.

F360 create new account 1.jpg

4. In the Registration code section, you'll have to enter the code if you have one; otherwise leave this blank.

F360 create new account 2.jpg

5. In the Personal information section enter your personal data, such as name, last name, phone number, company, country, state, city and postal code.

F360 create new account 3.jpg

6. In the CAPTCHA section, enter the code shown in the image.

F360 create new account 4.jpg

7. Finally, click on the Create new account button. A couple of minutes later you'll receive an email confirming your GeoAgro account has been created.