How to import a prescription shapefile into 360

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Introduction: Get familiar with a prescription file

We’ll start with a prescription shapefile, which comprises 3 files with extensions .shp, .shx and .dbf. Select the .dbf file and open it with a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.

Note Note: Make sure you don’t modify any of the values in the spreadsheet, otherwise it may result in a damaged shapefile or wrong data

Once it’s opened, you’ll see a spreadsheet similar to this one:How to import a prescription shapefile into 360 01.png
We’ll only use the prescription values in the MDOL_R1 column. We’ll import this file into GeoAgro GIS and then take it to 360

Step 1: Import your prescriptions into GeoAgro GIS

  1. Open your GeoAgro GIS project.
  2. Expand the Import menú, then select the Import Layer tool.
  3. Use the tool to import the prescription shapefile. Make sure the Structure selected is Variable Prescription
  4. Use the “Import layer” window to match the prescription value in the shapefile with its counterpart in the GeoAgro GIS structure. To do this, go to the “Layer” panel (in the right side) and click on the MDOL_R1 field (A), then move over to the left side panel, Structures and click on the Rate field (B), then click on Accept.
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation message. Click on Yes to begin the import.
  6. We will now assign symbology. You may click [|this link] to download our sample symbology.
    Note Note: Standard symbologies may be defined for layers like these. You may find more information in this entry
  7. Select the layer you imported in the Reference Panel, the click the Edit cartography and Layer Properties tool.
  8. Click in the Import Symbolgy button, then pick the .SIM file downloaded in step 7.
  9. Using the Layer backup tool, create a .LAY file of the prescription layer

Step 2: Upload your prescriptions to 360

Finally, we’ll import the prescription into 360

  1. Enter the farm you’d like to import your prescription.
  2. Click in your currently active Precisión Farming Cycle or Pak
  3. Go to the Upload Section
    Note Note: In order to import any kind of layer into 360, you need to have an active Precisión Farming Cycle or Pak
  4. Select your GeoAgro GIS-generated .LAY file and click in Upload
  5. Check on the Import box (A) then click on Upload (B)
  6. Your newly-imported prescription layer will be available in the Navigation window of your service.