Importing projected shapefiles in 360

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When you import your shapefile into 360, it doesn't show up correctly in your map or your coordinates are wrong.


Some projections may not be supported by 360 yet; in these cases, shapefiles need to be reprojected before importing them. One of the most common projection systems, which is supported by 360 is WGS 84.

You may use any GIS software which does reprojections to reproject your shapefile before importing it. Here's a list of well known alternatives.


In ArcToolbox®, look for the Project tool, grouped under Data Management Tools > Projections and Transformations > Feature.

Click here to see ESRI®'s help page for this tool

Using GDAL/OGR and Proj4

You may also use ogr2ogr with these options: -a_srs y -t_srs. Check here the help pages for this library/software.

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