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GIS Software

Technical Service Providers (TSP) and other NRCS Conservation Partners may work on their GIS projects, using:

a. GeoAgro GIS - it's included in the TSP Support Program, and preconfigured to work with the NRCS. For more information, visit the GeoAgro GIS Support site

b. ArcMap or any other GIS that works with shapefiles. First, you will need to Download Land Unit Boundaries from the NRCS into GeoAgro GIS, and then, export to shapefiles.

GIS base layers

When a GeoAgro GIS project is setup, it is configured to download online layers: aerial imagery, topography, and soils.

Other base layers can be added to a project through the following options:

  • Web Mapping Services (WMS) online sources, such as aerial imagery (see sample tutorial), or layers from other WMS Sources
  • Web Feature Services (WFS) online sources, such as the USDA NRCS Web Soil Survey (see sample tutorial)
  • or import layers as shapefiles, as described in this article

Sample Map layouts used by NRCS offices and TSPs

In this section, commonly use maps are documented, to be used as a reference when creating output maps:

This tutorial: Communicating with maps provides an example to create a map layout This is the main category for troubleshooter guides for GeoAgro GIS.