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Active Layer

Only one layer can be 'active' at the Reference Panel, to see which layer is active it's name has a light-green background. To make active a layer, just click on it's name: Layer 'Fields (NRCS)' is the active layer

In GeoAgro GIS, operations and commands are executed on the active layer, one of them is 'Rename a layer'

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=== Layer's visibility ===

To make the layer 'Fields (NRCS)' unvisible, please click on the eye icon belonging to it and clear the visivility checkbox Changing the visibility of a layer

The eye icon will change it's color to grey Visibility ON »» Visibility OFF

And 'Fields (NRCS)' will not be visible on the map Fields (NRCS) hidden

To make 'Fields (NRCS)' visible again, please click again on th eye icon and check the visibility checkbox. Visibility OFF »» Visibility ON

And 'Fields (NRCS)' will be visible on the map 'Fields (NRCS)' visible on map

You can also hide or show entire groups of layers, by clicking on the checkbox next to the group's name. Group's visibility ON »» Group's visibility OFF

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Layer's transparency

If you check the box next to a layer and it isn't drawing, it may be hidden by another layer. Orthophoto is covering the layers below it On the image above all layers below 'Orthophoto' are hidden, and that is not because they are in 'Invisible mode' (please note that the eye icon is still orange) The reason why they are not shown is because they are overlaid with an opaque layer, in this case 'Orthophoto'

For this reason, it's a common practice to order the layers following these tips.

  • Point and Polyline layers on top.
  • Below them the Polygon ones (but you can always use hollow Polygons).
  • And at the bottom the Raster layers, such as Topographic maps (DRGs) and Satellite imagery.

There's a second method to handle the visibility of layers, by adjusting their transparency level. The Orthophoto currently has no transparency, you check that by clicking on the eye icon: you'll see that the level bar is at the top of the slide Orthophoto with no transparency

Please drag the slide control a quarter down. Orthophoto with a quarter of transparency level

You'll notice that the above layers now are partially visible.

Layers partially visible

To make them even more visible, just repeat the preocess lowering the transparency level until you're satisfied

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