Which Yield Monitors are supported by GeoAgro?

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The following Yield monitors are supported by GeoAgro.

Users can request data processing services in these formats, and GeoAgro will return the processed yield map in point, grid, and polygon format:

AGCO Ag Leader Technology CLAAS Case IH Flexi-coli John Deere Mid-Tech Miscellaneous
New Holland RDS Raven Trimble
*.syn *.shp *.dat *.yld *.log *.gsd *.bnd *.tag *.fld *.0?? *.rbin *.shp
*.rpt *.fld *.ens *.gsy *.gmf *.shp *.0?? *.fld
*.iby *.log *.ver *.gln *.log *.X??
*.pat *.fld *.rcd *.log *.X??
*.ilf *.shp *.shp
*.irx *.shp *.ens
*.bdy *.vyg *.vyg
*.pfn *.vy1 *.vy1
*.pfl *.yld