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To activate GeoAgro GIS you first need to create a username by registering at the GeoAgro site.

Then you need to activate GeoAgro GIS one of the allowed methods as described below.

1 - Creating a GeoAgro username:

If you do not have a GeoAgro username you may create one here

Once you have done this you will receive an email with instructions for logging in at the site.

Click on "My account" at the right, and then "Edit" at the top to create your activation code.


2 - Activating GeoAgro GIS

The are 2 possible ways to activate GeoAgro GIS:

Online activation:

If you are connected to the Internet this is the easiest method.

Enter your email address in the activation form, this should be the same email address that you used to register at


Offline activation:

If you are not connected to the Internet you can use this method.

1 - Generate the GeoAgro GIS activation code from here.

Make sure you copy the entire activation code string.


2 - Enter your username, password, and activation code in the activation form.


Note Note: This will activate GeoAgro GIS Basic Edition. If after doing this you wish to activate GeoAgro GIS Pro Edition, send email to [email protected], with "GeoAgro GIS PRO" in the subject.