Add gps coordinates object in 360

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The Add GPS coordinates tool, found in the Editing bar, can be used to add GPS points for a particular farm location. Once added, the Farm services center will automatically create a polygon by joining the GPS points.

FSC add gps coordinates 1.jpg

Clicking on the Add GPS coordinates tool will open the window below:

FSC add gps coordinates 2b.jpg

Things you can do here:

  • In the Format list you will be able to choose the format for your coordinates. You can choose between DD.DDDDD (degrees, decimal degrees), DD MM.MMM (degrees, minutes and decimal minutes) or DD MM SS.SS (degrees, minutes, seconds, decimal seconds)
  • In the Lat field you may enter latitude coordinates.
  • In the Lng field you may enter longitude coordinates
  • By clicking in the Add new coordinate link you may add a new Lat/Lng row for an additional GPS point.
  • By clicking in the Send button you will put your GPS points in the map. Farm360 will use them to draw the polygon

Bear in mind that, to enter your coordinates, you need to keep your degrees, minutes and second values separated by blank spaces only, and omit characters such as º, ' or ". For instance, the 40°26′47″N coordinate must be entered as 40 26 47