Application map in Precision farming cycle

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Variable application monitors (and even some fixed application monitors) register maps containing the real amount of applied dose for each point in the field. The eighth stage in the Precision farming cycle is the creation of the Application maps, which take these data from the appliers and transform them into data layers for GeoAgro GIS and 360

Input data

  • Applier output


  • Tools: GeoAgro GIS, 360

Taking data out from the variable application machine

When the application's completed, a variable application machine will produce an application map. Depending on the machine, some of them may export shapefiles (which are composed by a minimum of 3 files: .SHP, .SHX and .DBF. ) or standard plain text files (.TXT files). Other machines may require additional processing using software provided by the manufacturer to get files in these formats; in this case, read the manufacturer manual to find out how to do it.

Uploading the file to 360

To process it, the output of the applier machine must be uploaded to 360. You may do this from the tasks manager, by choosing the option Import files.

Import yield map 1.png

Protocol for implementing the Precision Farming cycle

1. Validation of georeferencing   2. Base info   3. Productivity map   4. Management zones definition   5. Variable Input prescription map   6. Application map   7. Yield map