Base info in Precision farming cycle

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After the Precision farming cycle is requested, the historic farm info is generated, including Landsat imagery from available images in the catalog, and their corresponding Normalized Differential vegetation Indexes (NDVI) .

Input data

  • Farm and fields uploaded to 360.
  • Landsat imagery archive


The process is carried out by GeoAgro Services staff, comprising:

  • Searching and downloading imagery from past crop seasons in your farm area and selecting images with crop activty
  • Processing NDVI for each image
  • Delivering through 360


Layers of NDVI history, delivered in farm 360. These resulting layers provide the opportunity to review with the farmer, understand past issues, relate with different events (drought, floods, trials, crop rotations), and start addressing issues.
Base info in Precision farming cycle 1.jpg

Note Note:
  1. The NDVI name indicates the date of acquisition. E.g. 20090918 being 18th September, 2009
  2. You can also use the query attributes tool to view the NDVI value.
  3. Also, you can download your base info to your desktop to import it to GeoAgro GIS, Google Earth or any GIS software of your choice

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