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Introduction & guidelines

A comprehensive nutrient management plan (CNMP) is a conservation plan for an animal feeding operation (AFO) that:

  1. Must include the following two components: (i) The production area, including the animal confinement, feed, and other raw materials storage areas, animal mortality facilities, and the manure handling containment or storage areas; and (ii) The land treatment area, including any land under control of the AFO owner or operator, whether it is owned, rented, or leased, and to which manure or process wastewater is, or might be, applied for crop, hay, pasture production, or other uses.
  2. Meets Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) quality criteria for water quality (nutrients, organics, and sediments in surface and groundwater) and soil erosion (sheet and rill, wind, ephemeral gully, classic gully, and irrigation induced natural resource concerns on the production area and land treatment area).
  3. Mitigates, if feasible, any excessive air emissions and/or negative impacts to air quality resource concerns that may result from practices identified in the CNMP or from existing on-farm areas/activities. 
  4. Complies with Federal, Tribal, State, and local laws, regulations, and permit requirements.
  5. Satisfies the owner/operator’s production objective

Practice Code 102 - Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan CAP Development Criteria

Practice Code 102 - Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan CAP Checklist