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Introduction & guidelines

Nutrient management plans are documents of record of how nutrients will be managed for plant production. These plans are prepared in collaboration with producer and/or landowner and are designed to help the producer with implementation and maintenance activities associated with the plan.

A Nutrient Management conservation activity plan must:

  1. Meet NRCS quality criteria for soil quality, water quality and quantity, and other identified resource concerns;
  2. Be developed in accordance with technical requirements of the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) and policy requirements of General Manual, Title 190, Part 402, Nutrient Management; and guidance contained in the National Agronomy Manual, Subpart 503C.
  3. Comply with federal, state, tribal, and local laws, regulations and permit requirements; and
  4. Satisfy the operator's objectives.

Practice Code 104 - Nutrient Management Plan Development Criteria

Practice Code 102 - Nutrient Management Plan Checklist