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This exercise is included in the tutorial: GeoAgro for CNMP Development
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]] During CNMP development, you may use different Forms, spreadsheets and models. For convenience, we have organized a pool of forms, templates and resources for Conservation Activity Planning, available at//put link

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4 Forms and Docs for CNMP development.<br>
Commonly used Form and Doc templates for CNMP development.

For instance, for CNMP development, you may find the following forms useful for Farm Data Collection//put links:

  1. people information
  2. fields information
  3. soil test info
  4. facilities informaton
  5. manure storage
  6. manure analysis
  7. crops rotations
  8. manure applications
  9. fertilizer applications

This forms will be support documentation or part of the final CNMP reported to the NRCS, which can be uploaded for revision following this learning guide