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It opens the Layer Creation Wizard.

1. Click on the “Add New Layer” icon. The Layer Creation Wizard will come up.


2. Select the type of layer you want to create:

Vector Layers (Objects): These are the objects layers in .shp format that contain associated information structures.
When you select this option an empty layer is created, and you will be able to draw points, lines or polygons.

Image Layer: These layers contain georeferenced images in .ecw (recommended), .jpg, .png or .tiff format.
Image layers do not have associated information structures.

Copy Layer: It allows creating a new layer based on an existing one which belongs to the current project.

WMS layer (Web Map Server): These are images layers that can be downloaded from web services. In order to use this technology, you need to have a Web Services license.

3. A wizard will help you step by step in the layers creation process.

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