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The Document Xchange option will allow you to manage documents stored in the USDA servers. This will allow you to collaborate with the USDA NRCS; you will be able to upload your files, make modifications to them, and also allow USDA NRCS staff to access them.

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In this window you'll see a:

  • Toolbar: this toolbar includes tools for managing documents stored in the USDA servers. It will allow you to upload, delete, view/open, edit, check in and undo check out. This toolbar is always located in the upper side of your Document Exchange window.
  • Context Help: shows context help, specific for each of Document Xchange screens.
  • Folder tree: you will see the folder tree in the USDA servers. This tree has a standard structure of folders and is exclusive per customer folder.
  • List of files: you will see the list of files for the folder selected in the folder tree.


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