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To see, edit, add or delete structures and permissions. You can also define base layers and static attributes.

GeoAgro GIS works with predefined structures that the user will be able to associate to the layers. It allows keeping coherence in the attributes definition, when you share or centralize information. Anyway, the application is versatile enough and the user can modify the existing structures or create new data models.

Using the “Administration Manager” can generate important changes in the information contained in the system, thus, before accessing, GeoAgro GIS will ask you to login as Administrator.


Enter the User and Password that you were given in order to activate the licence, and the Administrator Manager will open (if this data belongs to an Administrator).

In the right side of the screen are listed all the existing structures with the corresponding information of the attributes that includes:


Name: The field name or structure attribute.

Type: The data type that you can enter in the field. For instance: decimal, integer, date, text, etc.

Longitude: It is the maximum number of characters (numerical or alphanumerical) that it is possible to enter in the field.

Visible: If you check this option, when you query information you can visualize the attribute.

Editable: If this option is checked, all the users will have permission to edit the field.

Information: It is the description of the information type that contains the field.

Structures Search

If you want to find quickly a structure, the Filter located at the bottom will enable you to perform a search. Enter the structure name you are interested in finding and the system will search for it.

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