Checking out and Editing Customer Folders

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This exercise is included in the tutorial: Getting started with Cplanner, GeoAgro for CNMP Development
In this learning guide, you will learn to make modifications to your customer folder data. You will learn how to check out a folder for editing and how to add conservation plans, land units and practices.

To proceed with this learning guide you need to have reviewed the following learning guides:


Adding data to a customer folder



Exercise 01 - Search and check out a Customer Folder

In this exercise, you will learn how to search for a particular customer folder, and to check it out for editing.

  1. Open GeoAgro CPlanner, and login with GeoAgro Training credentials as detailed in this exercise: Log in to Cplanner using USDA e-authentication

  2. The initial screen will show you your conservation plans. Select “Hardin County” and click on “Go Search”.
    CNMP Planning

  3. This will bring the list of Conservation folders available for your user in Hardin County, IA. There are 10 training folders in that County that you may use.
    CNMP Planning

  4. The conservation plans shown on the left panel are obtained directly from NRCS Servers.Click on the left panel, on one of the folders where column "Owner" = "Available for check-out". Please note that if there is a name under the column 'Owner', that person is editing the plan, and you can only download it for viewing it.
    Click on "Check out". The status bar on the lower side of the screen informs you of the status of your operations.

  5. On the right panel, click on the downloaded folder to select it and click on “Open folder” to open it. GeoAgro Cplanner will open the Customer folder window.
    Uploading 12.jpg

  6. You'll notice the folder you downloaded now appears again on the right panel, which contains the customer folders that are available locally (in your computer). This time it's coloured green; that means it's in editable mode.

  7. On the right panel, click on the “der----Geoagro1” folder to select it and click on “Open folder” to open it.

  8. GeoAgro Cplanner will open the Customer folder window.
    CNMP Planning

Exercise 02 – Adding data to a customer folder

In this exercise you will learn how to use GeoAgro Cplanner to upload Conservation Practices to the National Conservation Planning Database (NCPDB). First, you will create a new conservation plan for your plan data. Then, you will add the land unit and tract where the practice will be performed. Finally, you will add a new practice.

Create a new conservation plan

1. While you are on the conservation plans, click on “Conservation Plans”.

Conservation plans.jpg





2. Enter the new plan name and click on “Next
CNMP Planning

3. Click on “Finish”. The new plan will show up.

CNMP Planning


Add a tract and a land unit

1. Select a Conservation plans.

2. Click on “Land Units”.
Land units.jpg

3. In “Add a land unit” complete the form as shown below: 

Land units2.jpg

4. Complete the land unit properties as shown below and click on “Next”.

Land units3.jpg

5. In the “Final step” window, click on “Finish”.

Add a new Conservation Practice

1. Click on Land unit “1” under “Tract 1” on the new conservation plan to select it.
Practices 2.jpg

2. Click on “Practices”.
Practices 1.jpg

3. A list of available practices will come up. Look for the “Conservation Crop Rotation”, practice code 328.
Practices 3.jpg

4. Check it to select the practice. Click on “Next

5. GeoAgro Cplanner will move on to the “Add Practice properties” window. Click on “Narrative” to select a narrative.
Practices 4.jpg

6. Select the first-listed narrative (code 01N). Click on “Ok”. Please note: you can add/modify text in the Narrative text area
Practices 5.jpg

7. Drop down the Program menu to select “EQIP”.
Practices 6.jpg

8. In “Planned amount” enter the number of acres shown in the Filter Strip. In “Planned date” enter the date planned for the practice.
Practices 7.jpg

9. Click on “Next”.

10. Enter a note.

Practices 8.jpg

11. In the “Final step” window, click on “Finish”. Your practices will appear listed under the corresponding land unit.
Practices 9.jpg

Note Note: After creating the practice, you may modify it, as detailed in this article. Please note that Practices from previous contracts may not be modified.

Exercise 03 - Uploading your modifications

Warning Warning: This last step is very important. To save your changes and upload them to the NRCS servers, you need to 'check-in' your plan. Otherwise, if the Folder remains 'checked-out' for a couple of days, the Field Office/NRCS staff may cancel your changes to work on the folder again

Click on “Check in” to upload your newly created practices and wait for the download to complete.


You'll notice the customer folder has disappeared from the right panel and is coloured green on the left panel.

 Practices 10.jpg

This exercise is included in the tutorial: Getting started with Cplanner, GeoAgro for CNMP Development