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Learn how to use GeoAgro's tools to support development of Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP). The learning guides below are done on a sample data set, for a hands-on experience.

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Learning guides

1 Setup a CNMP Sample Project
Download Customer Folder information from the NRCS, including Land Unit Boundaries, existing plans and practices, and gather Land resources information for you plan.

2 Plan your field visit
plan your field visit defining the precise spots you would like to visitand upload them to your GPS.

3 Import GPS data from your field visit
Import the data you gathered in your field visit to GeoAgro GIS.

4 Buffers, Setbacks & Spreadable Acreage.

Define Buffers, Setbacks and calculate Spreadable Acreage.

5 Exporting CNMP data to MMP.

Export CNMP data to Purdue's Manure Management Planner (MMP).

6 Create CNMP practices recommendations.
Digitize your CNMP practices that will be part of your plan. Upload them to the NRCS NCPDB.

7 Creating maps.

Create map reports for showing Land Application Site information, as part of the CNMP plan.

8 Deliver your plan
Upload plan documents and check in your plan for review by NRCS staff