Course:GeoAgro for Conservation Activity Planning

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The USDA NRCS and GeoAgro have partnered to help Technical Service Providers (TSPs) develop conservation planning activities more efficiently and report conservation practices, plans, and documents to the NRCS National Conservation Planning Database through the Internet. Please keep in mind that in order to use these tools you will need to  use your TSP credentials provided by the USDA NRCS. Please visit USDA NRCS techreg site to learn more about the TSP program.

Also, prior to starting this Course it's recommended to have a general overview of GeoAgro CPlanner, and get familiar with the Technical Service Provider - District Conservationist Workflow

This course is a hands-on experience that will walk you through the two main tools used for this purpose:

  • GeoAgro CPlanner, which enables TSPs to access, update and report Producer's customer folders to the NRCS
  • GeoAgro GIS, which provides common tools for agronomic use, applied for Conservation Activity Planning. As an alternative, users may use other GIS packages of their choice, using GeoAgro GIS to assist them in the download of GIS information, such as the producer's land unit boundaries


At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Access your customer folders in the NRCS National Conservation Planning Database.
  • Import Land Unit boundaries into a GIS, gather land resources information, and carry out mapping operations.
  • Develop your specific Conservation Activity Plan.
  • Upload your Conservation Plan to the NRCS, including Conservation Practices and Documents.


The course provides tools and documentation for using the software from scratch for the objectives listed above. As you move forward you can download sample test data for a hands-on experience.  Each of the Learning Guides will give you a quick tour on the proposed topics, using videos and / or slideshows. Then you can proceed with the Exercises listed, these are detailed and step by step guides for an in-depth coverage of the topics.

Learning Guides

1 Setup your Project in GeoAgro Cplanner
  1. Download, install and sign in to Cplanner
  2. Download customer folders

2 Setup your Project in GeoAgro GIS
  1. Download and install GeoAgro GIS
  2. Create a project and add data for your area

3 Working on your Farm Map
  1. Importing land unit boundaries from NRCS
  2. Adding Imagery and Land Resources Information to your project
  3. Digitizing land features

4 Managing your customer folders
  1. Editing Customer Folders
  2. Sharing Documents

5 Developing Conservation Activity Plans
  1. Course:GeoAgro for CNMP Development
  2. Course:GeoAgro for Forest Management Planning

6 Learn more about GIS/GPS features: Using GeoAgro GIS