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This exercise is included in the tutorial: Setting up your farm or land project
GeoAgro GIS allows you to organize information into groups of layers called "projects". Whenever you initialize the system, the Projects Panel will appear and you will be able to create a new project, subproject or open an existing one. We will also review how to add initial data to your project area, using available datasets.


GIS gis Init 03 01.jpg
Start GeoAgro GIS by double clicking on its icon at your desktop;
You may also run it by using the Windows® Start menu.

The system starts showing the Projects Panel

Click on Create, and enter a name for the project, for example: Sample Farm Iowa. Check option "Retrieve startup data for your project"

Note Note: Please make sure to Check on the option "Retrieve startup data for your project", when you want look for available datasets.

You will now see a list of available datasets for download.

You may select the State of your choice. For this example we will select the dataset from Iowa, and then click on Download

Note Note: If you are working with farms outside the United States, please browse through the folder structure, there are startup datasets for other countries


After download is completed, it will show you the option to import the Iowa data into your project. Check on Restore, and then Click on Import

It will create default data layers and attributes for your farm project. These layers/attributes can be customized for your needs as well.

After the Import is complete, you will see the Map of the downloaded State or Region

Screenshot - Click here to see it full size

Note Note: If you had issues downloading data for your State, You may also try the alternate procedure for downloading and importing available State datasets from this Link
Note Note: When working in the project panel, if you do not see a project, please try expanding the project tree by clicking on the "+" symbol next to the root of it.

Locate your Land/Farm Area of Interest and turn on background imagery

To locate your  your Area of Interest (AOI), you can follow two simple  steps:

  1. Use  Zoom tools and Pan tool GIS gis Navi 02 01.jpg available from the Navigation toolbar on top to locate your area of interest

  2. View Background imagery: Turn on the VE Imagery layer under the Base Map Group - see how to make a layer visible
    Layer VEImagery.jpg

    Note: if the online imagery does not refresh, use the pan tool to make it refresh

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You may later on add resources information such as imagery, soils, topo, HUCs, or other layers, following the steps detailed in Adding resources information to your project

This exercise is included in the tutorial: Setting up your farm or land project