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This exercise is included in the tutorial: Using GeoAgro GIS

In this tutorial you will learn how to start a farm project in GeoAgro GIS using available datasets per State or Region.


Start GeoAgro GIS by double clicking on its icon at your desktop, you may also run it by using the Windows® Start menu. GIS gis Init 03 01.jpg

The system starts showing the Projects Panel
Click on Create, and in the following dialog define a name for the project, for instance: Sample Farm Iowa,since we will be downloading an Iowa dataset for this example.
Check option "Retrieve startup data for your project"
Note Note: Please make sure to Check on the option "Retrieve startup data for your project", when you want look for available datasets.

For this example, we will use the dataset available for Iowa. Click on 'USA' on the folder tree and select the 'Iowa' dataset.

Note Note: If you do not see the project, please expand the project tree by clicking on the "+" symbol next to the root of it.

As an alternative procedure, you may download your State dataset and import to GeoAgro GIS by following this Link.

Once imported, double click on the States layer, to see the entire State
Your screen should look like this
Screenshot - Click here to see it full size
You may later on add resources information such as imagery, soils, topo, HUCs, or other layers, following the steps detailed in Adding Imagery and Land Resources Information

To start working with your map, we recommend reviewing the following features

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