Create object with GPS points 2.3.13

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It allows to draw objects by entering geographical coordinates.

1. Select the layer where you want to draw the object.

2. Click on the icon Create object with GPS points.  A window will pop up, where you will be asked to enter the coordinates.


3. Select the way you will enter the coordinates: in Decimal Degrees (i.e. -31.500000) or Degrees, Minutes and Seconds (i.e. S 31ยบ, 30' 00").


4. Enter the latitude coordinates (N/S) of the first point (if the input is in decimal degrees you need to write the "-" sign in front of the number; but if the input is in degrees, minutes and seconds, after typing N or S you should leave a blank space before typing the value, in case that it has two digits). Use the TAB key to input longitude (E/W).


5. Press the Enter key or click on + to add the point to the list.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 to input all the points that define a object (in case it is a line or a polygon). If the object is a line you need to enter the two points that define the line, and at least three points for a polygon.

6. Click on Add to create the object on the selected layer.