Define Conservation Practices

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This exercise is included in the tutorial: GeoAgro for FMP Development


Exercise 01 - Draw conservation practices in the GIS

GIS gis Init 03 01.jpg

Start GeoAgro GIS by double clicking on its icon at your desktop;
You may also run it by using the Windows®

Start menu.
The Project Selection window will pop up. Select the 'Sample FMP' project that you restored in the initial project setup

  1. Double Click on the 'Fields_NRCS' layer to make it active
    You will see the map below
    Click to see full size

  2. We are going to create a Forest Stand Improvement Practice (666). Click on the 'Practices Polygon' to make it active.

  3. Also, make sure that the background imagery is on by clicking on the eye of the 'WMS 2ft Color Imagery' layer

  4. Click on Drawing ToolsImage:GIS_gis_Edit_05_01.jpg from the Edition Panel, and then click on the Add New Object tool Image:GIS_gis_Edit_05a_01.jpg.

  5. you can Zoom in using Zooming Tools prior to drawing. You can also change the transparency of the 'Practices Polygon' layer by using the Layer Transparency Control. Start drawing a Forest Stand polygon, using the background imagery for guidance, to draw an approximate boundary around the Forest Stand.
    FMP Define Practice 02.jpg

  6. When you are done, double-click or right-click. The Conservation Practice is now created. If you would like to un-highlight the polygon, use the Remove Selection option from the Selection Tools
    FMP Define Practice 03.jpg

Exercise 02 - calculate the Practice acreage

  1. Make sure that the Practices Polygon layer is active by clicking on it.

  2. Select the created forest stand by using the Select by Point  Image:GIS_gis_Navi_01_01.jpg tool from the Selection Tools, and clicking on the recently created polygon.

  3. Click on the Information tool icon. Image:GIS_gis_Navi_07_01.jpg. The attributes table will show. The column 'Area (Acres)' reports the acreage:2.85 ac. (it may vary, according to your own digitizing)
    FMP Define Practice 05.jpg

Exercise 03 - Report the conservation practice, using GeoAgro CPlanner

As a last step you can use GeoAgro CPlanner. These steps are covered in this learning guide Deliver your Conservation Plan