Download Startup Data 2.3.13

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Warning Warning: This is a history article, content is old versions. Please do not use this article as reference. Version: 2.3.13

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We define startup data as the information about a zone or region that GeoAgro has available for its clients to use within GeoAgro GIS. This data can be of different kinds: geographic data, road data, weather, infrastructure, etc.

How to download the startup data? To download startup data from a desired zone, you can browse it from the tree in the following window, which is sorted by countries, provinces/states, regions or you can also search them defining some criteria.


Searching can be done by selecting the folder you want, type the criteria in the box at the bottom of the window and click "Enter" or click on the loupe icon. The search can take several minutes depending on your internet connection and the hierarchy level of the folder where you started the search.

When the program finds some matching data, it will expand the tree to the level where it found the data and it will highlight it with green color.
Once you find the project that you need click on the "Download" button and the system will show the remaining download time.

If you decide to "Cancel" while the files are downloading, the process will stop after asking for confirmation.