Download objects from the GPS device

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It allows to download the objects stored in a GPS device (waypoints, tracks or routes) to the GPS module.

1. Make active the layer where you want to locate the GPS data by clicking on it. For example, if you select Waypoints, GeoAgro GIS will search for all the Waypoints stored in the GPS device and download them to the Waypoints layer.


2. Click on the option “Download objects from the GPS Device”. A window will pop up showing a progress bar. After this process, the objects will be downloaded.


3.  Take into account that the downloaded data will not be erased from the navigator memory, but it will not be stored in the GPS module either.  To save the downloaded data you need to transfer it to a layer in the GIS module, using the Export to GIS Module tool.

4.  If the following error window appears when you are downloading data from the GPS, you will need to check the connection of the GPS to the PC, because the data is not being transferred correctly.  If you need help go to GPS Connection Settings.