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This exercise is included in the tutorial: Getting started with Cplanner
In this tutorial, you will learn how to search and access a customer folder from the National Conservation Planning Database (NCPDB) in read only mode .

Requisites: In order to start using GeoAgro CPlanner to access your own folders in the NRCS National Conservation Planning database, you will need to:

Note Note: For following this tutorial you don't need to have these requisites. You may request a user/password from GeoAgro for training purposes by filling out this Form for Requesting training credentials




Exercise 01 - Search for customer folders

After you have been granted permission by the field office, the steps to access a customer folder are the following:

  1. Open GeoAgro CPlanner, and login as detailed in the previous exercise: Log in to Cplanner using USDA e-authentication

  2. The initial screen will show the available conservation plans. If you are using GeoAgro's training credentials you may select “Hardin County” and click on “Go Search”.

    CNMP Planning

  3. This will bring the list of Customer folders available for your user in Hardin County. There are 10 training folders in that County that you may use.
    CNMP Planning

The conservation plans shown on the left panel are obtained directly from NRCS Servers. The status bar on the lower side of the screen informs you of the status of your operations. 

Exercise 02 - Download a customer folder in read only mode

Move over to the left panel and click on one of the customer folders to select it. Click on “Read Only Copy” to download a read-only copy.

You'll notice the folder you downloaded is now shown on the right panel, which contains the customer folders that are available locally (in your computer). The pink color means it's in read-only mode.

Note Note: The first time that you download the folder it may take a couple of minutes, since it´s downloading all available practices for your area.

Exercise 03 - Open your customer folder

On the right panel, click on the downloaded folder to select it and click on “Open folder” to open it. Cplanner will open the Customer folder window.


You may review the conservation plans within a customer folder, and to add new itemes such as conservation plans, land units and practices.


This exercise is included in the tutorial: Getting started with Cplanner