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This tool allows to add or edit the structure information associated to the selected objects. Select the object whose data you want to edit and click on the "Edit selected object data" tool.

A window will pop up showing the structure associated to the layer. Notice that the rows in the list represent the selected objects information.


Layer Attributes

The cells with white background color contain data which is auto-completed by the system (perimeter, area) or read-only data. Please note that you can change the units in which Perimeter, Area are displayed, by using the Settings Tool.

You can only add information or edit yellow cells. Click on the cell you want to edit and enter the desired value.


If you want, you can assign the same value to an entire column:  on the "apply to all rows" button and a window will appear where you will be able to enter data.


In this window clicking the "..." button you can choose from an existing value from a layer within the project.  When you click "Accept" the values will be entered for the entire column.


Zoom Object

The maps zooms in over the selected object.

Delete Object

It deletes the object represented in the selected row.

Show Objects on Map

If this option is selected, the highlighted objects on the list will be shown on the map.


Information Panel and Data Calculation

Similar to the Query data option (Navigation Toolbar), at the bottom of the window you will be able to do simple calculations on numerical columns (sum, average, etc.) and export information to Excel as well.