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The Reference panel can be found in the left side of the Farm services center editing window:

FSC reference panel 2.png

Things that you'll find in the reference panel:

  • Navigation tools: Clicking on any of them will move the map.
  • Zoom tools: will allow you to zoom over the map.
  • Reference layers: will be used to add drawings for farms, fields and crops.
  • Base layers: satellite imagery that can be used as a reference to add new farms, fields, etc.

Navigation tools

These tools will move the map in the Farm services center editing window. By clicking on the button, you'll be able to move the map upwards, downwards, left or right, and position over a specific location.

Zoom tools

You'll be able to use them to zoom in or out:

FSC reference panel zoom 1.png
 Will zoom in your map

FSC reference panel zoom 2.png
Will zoom to the whole extent of the map (the whole world map).

FSC reference panel zoom 3.png
Will zoom out in your map.

Reference layers

This section lists the farm, field and crop zones before requesting a new service.

Listed in this section are:

  • The Farm layer, which will include the farm perimeter
  • The Field layer, which will include perimeters for the fields.
  • The Crops layer, which will show your crops.

To render visible/invisible a particular layer, use the Turn on/turn off layer checkbox. If the checkbox's ticked, that means the layer's turned on and the layer will be visible; otherwise, you won't be able to see the layer. You may have more than one visible layer at the same time.

Before working on a particular layer you must select it. To do it, you may use the Select layer radial button. Clicking on any of the buttons will select the corresponding layer; bear in mind that you can only select a single layer.

If you click on the name of any layer, the map will zoom to the whole extent of that layer.

Base layers

The base layers feature three different kinds of satellite imagery that will be downloaded as you pan around your map. Such data can be used if you need to draw new farms and fields.

FSC reference panel references base 1.png

To make any of these layers active, you must tick the corresponding radial button.

FSC reference panel references base 2.jpg