Field validation in Precision farming cycle

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Field validation of your productivity maps is the fourth stage in the Precision farming cycle. In this stage, the farm is visited in order to verify all map data matches what can be seen in the field.

Input data

  • Farm productivity map
  • NDVI maps
  • Satellite imagery


1. Planning a field visit

  • Tools: 360, GeoAgro GIS
  1. First, the agronomist must download the maps to analyze them and take them to the field. This guide will show you how to do it; make sure you download them in .LAY o .GIS format so you can import them into GeoAgro GIS in the next step.
  2. Now you must import your download into GeoAgro GIS:
    1. If you downloaded a .GIS, you may restore it into a new project using the Restore backup tool.
    2. If you downloaded a .LAY, you may restore it into a new project using the Restore layer backup tool.
  3. Having your maps into GeoAgro GIS, you should now analyze them carefully, in order to have an idea of what will be found in the field visit. We also advise you to print your productivity map; it will be useful to take notes in the field.
  4. Test your GPS device can connect properly to you rcomputer. These articles will help you with this:
    1. How do I connect my GPS device to my computer?
    2. How to connect your GPS device to GeoAgro GIS
    3. How to use real time navigation with your GPS device and GeoAgro GIS
  5. Use your smartphone to download your farm data into GNote. These data will be useful to georeference your sample points. This howto will show you how.

2. Field visit

  • Tools: GeoAgro GIS-ready notebook, GPS device

In a field visit, the agronomist goes through the field and validates all map data produced so far (productivity maps and NDVI maps) match what can be found in the field. Using the productivity maps loaded into GeoAgro GIS and going through them in real time along with the connected GPS device, the agronomist goes through each productivity zone, comparing maps with the field, taking notes and, if necessary, taking samples

Protocol for implementing the Precision Farming cycle

1. Validation of georeferencing   2. Base info   3. Productivity map   4. Management zones definition   5. Variable Input prescription map   6. Application map   7. Yield map