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The newly created project is empty. Our team has prepared a series of layers for use in these tutorials, you'll be able to download and use them following instructions below.

Download data using a backup copy

Please follow this link to download the file. Save that file on your computer and remember the location of it.

At the GIS Module, select the Image:GIS_gis_Edit_09_01.jpg Backup Tool and click on Restore Backup


Now please search the file that you have just downloaded and click Open


After that, you will see a window named "Structures",  which is a wizard for an automated process that will add the layers contained in the backup set to your project. Please follow the on-screen instructions; you will find more information on it here

The downloaded layers will be listed on the Reference Panel.

<imagemap> Image:ArrowLeft.gif|ArrowLeft rect 0 0 62 42 Create a Project desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Home.gif|Home rect 0 0 62 42 Getting started desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:ArrowRight.gif|ArrowRight rect 0 0 62 42 Working with layers of information desc none </imagemap>