GPS Connection Settings

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GeoAgro GIS 2.1 or later

Starting with GeoAgro GIS version 2.1, the connection to a GPS device is automatically done clicking on the following icon from the navigation bar of the GPS Module.


This process does not require any previous set-up.  If you cannot establish a connection between the GPS navigator and the computer, verify the cables and port connections, especially when using an Serial to USB adapter.

Previous Versions

It allows to select the GPS device model that you are going to use and the computer port where it will be connected (COM or USB).
Please follow the steps below to find out which port is assigned to the GPS device:

1. Click on Start → Control Panel → System. Click on the “Hardware” tab and then on “Device Manager”.


2. A new window will pop up.  In the group “Ports (COM & LPT)” you should see the line “USB Serial Port (COMX)” where  X indicates the serial port number where the GPS Device was installed. In this example, it is Port COM3.


3.  The mentioned port number is the one you need to select in the GPS Module, for the application to recognize the device.