GeoAgro CPlanner scheduled fixes and improvements

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This is a list of GeoAgro Cplanner issues and requested improvements.

It includes bug fixes and improvements included in latest releases, and others which are planned for next releases or under analysis.


To install the software you must download it from GeoAgro CPlanner 2.1.15 Save the file Install-CPlanner.exe to a folder in your PC and remember its location.

Bug fixes and improvements included in latest releases

Release date: April 16th, 2012

0003383: Save CF: Error when trying to save a customer folder with a conservation plan that's been created and then deleted.

0003484: Automatic Update: New versions of CPlanner weren't detected.

0003472: Help: Include support link in all interfaces

Bug fixes and improvements included in latest releases

Release date: April 2th, 2012

0003478: Permissions: Permissions are not read correctly - fixed bug.

0003475: Conservation Program update: When user changes the Conservation Program in the Customer Folder data grid, the program gives an erro - fixed bug.

0003474: Recurring practice: This option is not working - fixed bug.

0003473: Remove item: Failure when deleting Conservation Plan - fixed bug.

0003471: Report generation: It does not generate reports for some Customer Folders - fixed bug.

Bug fixes and improvements included in latest releases

Release date: March 5th, 2012 - 2.1.10 beta

This is a completely re-designed version which will allow more flexibility, maintenance, fixes, and incorporating users suggestions more easily. The most relevant improvements are listed as follows:

  • Improvements in Reports - the current report is now similar to NRCS' Toolkit report
  • Exports reports to more formats: doc, pdf, xls.
  • Error handler, which provides more complete information and guidance to the user.
  • Dictionary of messages and texts used by the system. Same as the error handler, it allows to dynamically improve information for the end user.
  • Progress information on server processes.
  • Support for "custom narratives": the user can now add own narratives to the plan, using the standard NRCS narrative as the starting point.
  • Automatic Updates: any fixes or improvements can automatically be updated next time the application starts, without need to download manually again. When a new version is detected, CPlanner will inform the user, and ask for confirmation to proceed with the update.
  • Improvements in viewing the Conservation Planning data grids, indicating the status, permissions and contents of the Customer Folder.
  • Search is now available in the conservation practices list.

Release date: June. 1st, 2011

Issues that were fixed in this release:

  • Installer: Cplanner is working by default using a proxy server (a proxy servers may be used in mid/large organizations or by some Internet Service Providers).
  • Delete items: Was not working properly.
  • Undo CheckOut: There is an error when clicking the  UndoCheckOut button from the toolbar. Note: undoing the checkout by clicking on it in the context menu does work properly.
  • Login error: error when logging when the Cplanner Transaction Handler  server is out of time sync with the user's computer.
  • Uncontrolled error: uncontrolled error when logging in Cplanner.
  • CPlanner Login with proxy: error when logging in to CPlanner with the wrong  proxy server setting.
  • CPlanner login with wrong proxy settings: connection error when opening Cplanner with wrong proxy settings.
  • Practice editing: error when checking in practices after user edited "Applied amount" values.
  • Removing items: button behavior improved
  • Editing practices: under certain conditions, user is not able to modify plans and practices. Note: this happens when a Customer folder contains an empty plan.
  • Conservation plans tab buttons: buttons show an erratic behavior. It should be enabled/disabled based on which are the selected cells
  • Enabled adding more than one practice of the same type, on a single land unit.
  • Solved non-editable date cells for preexisting practices.
  • Enabled editing for all preexisting practice and land unit data.


  • Internet check: improvements in the initial check of internet availability have been made.
  • Add practices: It allows to select an NRCS Program by default, so when a new practice is added, it will be the first option
  • Transaction Handler: The TH port was modified to minimize related issues.