Getting Started with GeoAgro GIS

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In this tutorial you will learn the basic steps to start using GeoAgro GIS, a simple to use and flexible GIS designed to support agronomic needs. Learn more about GeoAgro GIS....

Audience: Consultants, Producers, Landowners, Input Suppliers, Conservationists and other users who need to work with farm or land information

Goals: After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Start a project with Sample data from your State or Region.
  • Manage layers of information
  • Start digitizing features on your map

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge is required to start using GeoAgro GIS. It is recommended to have basic knowledge of computer operation, and basic Geographic Information Systems (GIS) concepts.


1 Download & install GeoAgro GIS

2 Create a Project and add sample data
Create a project and import sample data for this tutorial.

3 Working with layers of information
Learn how to group, organize and view map layers.

4 Digitize your first field
Learn initial tools to digitiize a field and enter field names or other field attributes.

Please visit GeoAgro's Support center to review the complete GeoAgro GIS reference guide, FAQ's and other information.

Please visit GeoAgro's Training center to find online courses and webinars for learning how GeoAgro's tools are applied.