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Warning Warning: This is a history article, content is old versions. Please do not use this article as reference. Version: 2.3.13

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It allows to create a grid of points within one or more selected polygons.


In order to create the grid points, you need to select a field where the points will be distributed

1. Select a Field 

Before running the Grid Points Tool, you need to have a polygon selected, in which the grid points will be distributed.

For instance, in the figure below,  Field 04 is selected (see Selection tools).

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Note Note: If there is an object selected, the Grid Points Tool will be available. Otherwise, it will be disabled.

2. Run the grid points tool

Select the Grid Points tool from the drawing toolbar, and the following window will pop up.


1. Grid distance to field border: it allows to select the width of the strip adjacent to the interior border of the polygon, where points will not be added.


The figures above show examples With Grid distance to field border > 0, and with Grid distance to field border = 0

2. Horizontal and vertical distance: represents the distance between the points.

H: Horizontal separation.

V: Vertical separation.


3. Target layer: shows the layer where the grid of points will be saved. You can select between an existing layer from the drop-down list, or create a new layer.
If you choose the New layer option, when you click on the Green Cross to create the New layer, the new layer window will pop up (learn more about Creating a Vector Layer).
You may want to select a data structure that will allow you to enter Soil Lab results, such as  'Sampling Lab Results'


4. Numbering: this option will be automatically selected if the structure in the target layer has an integer number as attribute.

The wizard will add an ascending numbering for the Field (attribute) taking into account the chosen Direction and Sense (Note: there is a typo in the current release, in next version 'Sense' will be changed to 'Orientation').

5. Calculation of base layer attributes: this can delay the process, but if you are working with base layers you may find useful to update the data of the added points, to relate it with the base layer/s for data analysis purposes

As a result, the grid points in the selected field are created.

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