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It opens the context help window from the GeoAgro GIS tools.

Context Help

1. Click on the Help button.

2. A floating window will pop up showing a description of the tool where the mouse is positioned.


About GeoAgro GIS

Information about the application.


1. Click on the About GeoAgro GIS option from the Help tool.

2. A window with three tabs will appear:


Info: It shows the system version, license data and activation date. It also includes contact information for GeoAgro.

Modules: It has a description of the included modules and indicates their status (Licensed or not licensed).

Libraries: There are listed the names of the OpenSource (free) libraries used by the system.

Reactivate GeoAgro GIS

The Reactivate GeoAgro GIS option is to be used only in case the user’s license is updated or other modules have been added to your license.
After a confirmation window pops up, the application closes and the next time you run it, GeoAgro GIS will ask you again to enter your activation data (User, Password and Activation Code).


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