How do I start digitizing a field from scratch

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Let's say that you've located your area of interest, and would like to start digitizing fields from scratch.

How do we go about?

Step 1. Make sure that the 'Fields Producer' layer is on

Click on the Fields producer layer (makes it Active), and make the sure that the eye is turned on (visible) -> Layer Fields Producer.jpg

learn more about a Layer's status

Step 2. Use the digitizing tools from the Edit menu

All the tools that you will use for digitizing layers, will be available from the GIS gis Edit 05 01.jpg Edit Menu on the right side.

Click on the Edit Menu , and then start digitizing with the  Image:GIS_gis_Edit_05a_01.jpg Add New Object tool. Start adding nodes and digitize the field as shown in the figures. Finish with a double click in the last node, or after placing the last node, do a right-click.

If you'd like to edit the field, you may use the GIS gis Edit 05c 01.jpg Edit_object tool, which shows how nodes are  added/modified/deleted while you digitize.