How learning guides are organized

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Codes for designating a learning guide

Each learning guide is designated with a code with the format AAAN-TTTTT, where:

  • AAA: Is the area of knowledge, a 3-letter code, see below
  • N: level, its recommended to start with level 1. Level can be: 1 (Initial), 2 (Intermediate), 3 (Advanced). Any course marked as Level 1 is required for anybody who intends to begin learning the matter of the course.
  • TTTTT: A short phrase indicating the learning guide title

For example a learning guide with a code of GGS1-Navigation means:

  • GGS: this learning guide belongs to the area of knowledge of GGS, GeoAgro GIS
  • 1: it is on level 1, so its one of the first learning guides we recommend studying
  • Navigation: A short phrase indicating the learning guide title, which is Exploring Maps: Navigation Panel

Areas of knowledge

The first 3 letters of the code for a learning guide designate its area of knowledge:

Area of knowledge code Description
GGS GeoAgro GIS Getting Started learning guides
FMP Forestry Management Planning for Stewardship Foresters learning guides

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