How to add a new FAQ

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What is a FAQ?

A FAQ is a frequently asked question; what should be documented here is the question, and the answer to that particular question.

How to add a new FAQ

A FAQ is just a type of Article in Wikiagro, see how to create an article. You'll need to apply the FAQ template to the article; to do this, download the FAQ template, then open it with your text editor of choice (such as Notepad). Cut and paste the content of the template into your new article; make sure you are editing in Wikitext (by clicking onWikitext.png)

Replace the content of the template as needed.

Example: How to check if my system is ready to run GeoAgro?

Once a FAQ is created you may categorize it. Bear in mind that you must add at least two categories, the software or service the FAQ is related to, and the FAQ category.

How to create content for a FAQ

For the different components of a FAQ see:

Examples of FAQs

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