How to convert UTM coordinates to WGS84 for entering them into 360

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Sometimes, you may have your farm coordinates in UTM. 360 only accepts WGS84 coordinates, so you will have to convert them. Here's a procedure for the conversion, using one of the many available online tools.

1. Go to the Earthpoint conversion tool

UTM Conversion 360 1.png

2. Go to the Position field and enter your units this way:

24L [Latitude]mE [Longitude]mN

For instance, point 0611297 8759428 would be entered like this (A): 24L 611297mE 8759428mN.


  • 24L is the Zone for the UTM projection
  • 611297mE is the East-West coordinate in meters, please note that the suffix E or W must be present.
  • 8759428mN is the North-South coordinate in meters, please note that the suffix N or S must be present.

Then click on the Calc button (B) to convert your units

UTM Conversion 360 2.png

3. Copy the "Degrees Lat Long" value and write it down. This can be entered it into 360 using the "Add coordinates" tool following this procedure.

UTM Conversion 360 3.png

4. Repeat this process for all your coordinates