How to create a learning guide

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What is a learning guide?

A learning guide is a step-by-step procedure for a process; usually related to natural resources such as: Agriculture, Conservation, Grazing, Forestry, or Soil Sciences.

The steps it describes are done on a computer, using software such as a GIS or Excel. It is usually divided into exercises, which are divided into steps. By following all the steps in an exercise, and by following all the excercises in a learning guide, you should be able to accomplish the  objective of the learning guide.

Structure of a learning guide

The structure below is recommended to create new learning guides. However, we suggest you to modify it according to your needs:

Structure of a learning guide
Description A brief description of the learning guide, including the goals it is meant to accomplish.

A video showing the steps necessary to complete an exercise. We suggest you to record one video per exercise.

Exercises One of the many group of tasks necessary to complete the process described in the learning guide.
Each single step necessary to accomplish the goal of the learning guide.
    Related articles Articles in the wiki that may be related to the exercise; for instance, references to the tools used in the exercise
Categories  Categorization for the article. Categories are used to provide flexible article organization within the wiki. In a learning guide, at least one kind of categorization is required: you need to specify which course (or courses) will use the learning guide.

Guidelines when creating a learning guide

  • A learning guide is more practice-oriented than theory-oriented. You may include links to supporting background articles instead of explaining in the learning guide itself.
  • Whenever possible, use the dataset included for practices, see Adding Data.
  • Describe steps clearly and simply, using specific data, with a specific purpose.
  • A learning guide shouldn't talk about all fhe possiblities of a given tool, only show what is needed for the objective of the exercise, with an link to a reference for more information. For example, show how to a zoom by rectangle and add a link to the Zooming Tools Reference.
  • Learning guides should be short and granular. Instead of making one long learning guide consider dividiing it into shorter learning guides.

How to create a learning guide

A learning guide is just a type of Article in wikiagro, see how to create an article. You'll need to apply the learning guide template to the article; to do this, download the learning guide template, then open it with your text editor of choice (such as Notepad). Cut and paste the content of the template into your new article; make sure you are editing in Wikitext (by clicking onWikitext.png)

Replace the content of the template as needed.

Example: Working with layers of information

Once a learning guide is created you may categorize it and add it to a Course or a Portal. Bear in mind that you must add at least one category, the area of knowledge code

How to create content for a learning guide

For the different components of a learning guide see:

Examples of learning guides

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