How to create new seasons in 360

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This tutorial will show you how to add new seasons to your farm in 360:

1. Click on My farms (A), then click on the farm you want to use (B).

Tutoriales compartir 1.jpg

2. Click on Farm seasons.

Creating new seasons 1.jpg

3. Look for the season you'd like to make active, then click on "Activate this season" to mark it as active. Data from this season (farm, fields, crops, no-crop areas) will be copied over to the new season to be used as base data.

Creating new seasons 2.jpg

4. Click on Add season to go on:

Creating new seasons 3.jpg

5. You may now enter the name of your season, then click on "Create" to save it to 360

Creating new seasons 4.jpg

Warning Warning: How to name seasons

Seasons names cannot be longer than 7 characters.
They are usually named after the years during the productive cycle:

  • 2012-13

In case of having two crops the same year, you may identify summer/winter cycles as different seasons, like this:

  • 2013_WI (winter) / 2013_SU (summer)

5. Having created your season, you may now modify your data or add new data. To do this, mark your new season as active, then click on the name of the farm to go back to your farm screen

Creating new seasons 5.jpg

You may now use the edit tool to modify your existing features or add new ones.