How to order Precision farming cycle in 360

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This guide will show you how to use 360 to order any GeoAgro Pak

  1. Go to the Add services screen in 360, then choose the solution you want to order.
    FSC request service PFC 1.jpg
  2. Choose your farm.
  3. Now click on the CONTINUE button to go on.
    FSC request service PFC 3.jpg
  4. Now enter:
    • The estimated area to process (A). This area is a general estimation to validate that there are no major differences with the selected fields.
    • Select how the farm and field data was georeferenced(B).
    • Enter the start and end date of the time window for your Crop monitoring (C). If you have two different time windows for the same year (this usually happens when you have different summer and winter crops) you may enter another time window by expanding the Additional time window box (D)
    • Choose the fields you want to process (E).
    • If you're ordering the service within an agreement, then expand the "Agreement" box (F) and enter the Agreement code provided by GeoAgro If you do this, step no. 6 will be bypassed
    • If you want to, you may add a note or comment to your order (G).
      Finally, click on the NEXT STEP button to move on (H).
      FSC request service PFC 4.png
  5. In case you wanted to attach a file, please:
    • Click on Add file (A), then choose the file you want to upload
    • Once you've finished attaching the file(s), click on 'SEND' to upload them (B). Once you've finished, click on NEXT STEP (C).
      FSC request service PFC 6.png
  6. Once this is done, you'll be taken to the Shopping cart, where you'll be able to enter to confirm your order.