How to order as-applied maps in 360

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This guide shows you how to request as-applied maps in 360.

  1. Enter the service: enter the Precision farming cycle or CTRL Pak.
  2. Order the maps: Go to the "Add task" section and choose the "As-applied Maps - Automatic" option (A), then click on the Request button (B).
    As-applied maps 1.jpg
  3. Select your crops: Choose the crops you want to order. Remember to update your crops layer for your farm according to the date and the current season. If there's more than a single crop per season, please enter them in two separate seasons (i.e.: 2014/15 S for summer, and 2014/15 W for winter)
    As-applied maps 2B.png
    Warning Warning: It's essential to have a crop layer filled with correct crops and field numbers. This is extremely important; the system will use this information to filter the raw monitor data and will only process those items matching the order. The system won't be able to process anything that doesn't match the data in 360.
  4. Select the monitor: Choose the corresponding monitor. Same as the in the previous item, it's important to select the right monitor, otherwise the system won't be able to process the As-applied maps.
    As-applied maps 3.png
  5. If needed, you may also enter a brief description of the prescription, entering the channels (seeding, fertilization,etc) that were used, the input type (hybrid, brand, etc.) and the applied dose for each channel.
    As-applied maps 03.jpg
  6. Upload your monitor output files: To upload a file, click on 'Add file...' and then select the file. To upload a folder, you must send it compressed to a single .zip file
    As-applied maps 04.jpg
  7. Send your files: Having selected your files, click on "Send".
    As-applied maps 05.jpg
  8. Confirm your order: Once the upload's complete, click on the "Order yield map" button to request your service.
    As-applied maps 06.jpg

Note Note: You may check the formats and monitors supported by GeoAgro here.