How to set up ODK Collect

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The second step in Field sampling is setting up the ODK Collect app for field sampling from your mobile device.

ODK Collect set up

  1. Go to your mobile device, then touch the ODK Collect tool to open it
    Installing ODK collect 06.png
  2. Click on the Menu button in you rdevice to open the menu, then clikck on the General settings option
    Downloading forms for field sampling 01.png
  3. Go to the Server settings section, then click on the Configure platform settings option
    Downloading forms for field sampling 02.png
  4. Complete the fields this way:
    Downloading forms for field sampling 03.png
    1. URL:
    2. Username: the email address you used for your acount at
    3. Password: the password you chose for your account at

Setting up data synchronization

ODK Collect will synchronize all your field samplings to GeoAgro servers. Once they're synced, if not properly set, the data in your mobile device may be removed. To avoid data losses (e.g. due to data connection interruptions), we advise you to make sure this option is disabled. You can do this by accessing the app settings, going to the User interface section and disabling the Delete after send option, as shown below.

Setting up ODK Collect for field sampling 01.png

Field sampling

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