ImportExport Structures 2.3.13

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Export Structure

When you select this option the following window will pop up.


1. Select the layers you want to export and click on "Export".

2. A new window will appear to choose the destination folder to export the structures. The structures will be saved on a structure file (.str).

Import Structure

1. Selecting this option will open a window where you can browse the structure file that you want to import. When you find the file, select it and click on Accept.

2. A list of the structures on the file and information about them will be shown on screen.


3. Check the three possible options:

  • Existing Structure: This means that there is a structure with the same attributes. In this case you cannot import it.
  • Non-existing Structure: This structure doesn't exist and you can import it.
  • Name of the Structure already exists: The name the structure is already in use. You need to modify the name of the structure to be able to import it.

4. Modify the name of the structure if needed. To rename it, click on the cell "Structure".


Note: If you want to see the attributes of the structure, just double-click on it.