Import from GIS Module

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It allows to import a layer from the GIS Module into one of the three layers in the GPS Module (Waypoint, Track or Route), as a previous step before transferring those elements into a hand-held GPS.

1. Select the layer in the GPS Module (destination) where you want to import the one from the GIS Module (source).  The selection of the target layer depends on the type of objects contained in the source layer and the type of elements that you want to transfer to the hand-held GPS:

  • Select the Waypoint layer if you want to transfer points to the GPS navigator. These points can be from a layer with "point" objects from the GIS module (i. e. soil sample) or from a "polygon" layer (i. e. plots). In the later case, the GPS Module will import the centroids of the polygons from the source layer.

  • Select Track or Route layers if you want to transfer tracks or routes to the GPS navigator. In this case you will be able to import layers that have the "Line" objects (e.g.: contour lines), or "Polygon" objects (e.g.: plots).

2. Click on the “Import from GIS Module” icon. A window will pop up, containing all the vector layers from the GIS Module. Select the one you need to import by checking the box on the left. Remember the layers compatibilities that were mentioned in 1.


3. In the following window, you need to match the original attributes with the destination ones. On the left side of the window you can see the structure of the GPS navigator and to the right the layer that will be imported.


If you request a match between both structures, you will be able to transfer not only the elements, but also their names for easier identification.
In this example, the attribute "FarmID" of the source layer has the ID of each sample site. To link the structure, drag the folder "FarmID" of the layer structure and drop it into the "Identifier" folder of the GPS structure.


4. Click on Accept and you will the elements of the GIS source layer on the GPS Module with their matching names.