Layer Files

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It allows to associate data to the layers of a project.

Follow the steps below to perform the association:

1. Make active the layer to which you want to associate objects with by clicking on it.


2. Click on the icon “Layer Files”.


3. A window called “File Manager” will appear.  There you will be able to choose the files to be associated, and to perform certain functions with them.  These functions are described bellow:


Note: When you add files to be associated to layers, Geoagro GIS makes a copy of them to an internal database, meaning that you will work with those copies instead of the original ones.

Image:GIS_Inte_01_04.jpgOpen file
It allows to open the selected interaction file in read-only mode; this means you will not be able to make changes to it.

Image:GIS_Inte_01_05.jpgEdit files

It allows to open the selected interaction file in edition mode; this means you will be allowed to make changes to it.

Image:GIS_Inte_01_06.jpgSave as…

It allows to save the selected interaction file, which has been modified using the option “Edit files”.

Image:GIS_Inte_01_07.jpgAdd file

It allows to add the files that you want to associate to the layer.

Image:GIS_Inte_01_08.jpgAdd existing file

It allows to add files that have been previously associated to other layers or objects in the current project. Remember that those files are located in an internal database of GeoAgro GIS.

Image:GIS_Inte_01_09.jpgDelete file

It allows to delete the selected interaction file. Once deleted, the file will no longer be associated to the layer.

Image:GIS_Inte_01_10.jpgRename file

It allows to change the name of the selected interaction file.


It allows to define the way in which the added interaction files will be shown.


It allows to refresh view of the file manager.

4. Once you add the files you want to associate to the layer, click on the option “Layer Files Viewer” in order to visualize them.

In the reference panel of the layer, a "paper clip" will appear to show that the layer has associated interaction files.