Locating farms with outdated or no satellite imagery in 360

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Sometimes properly locating your farm in 360 may not be possible. This may happen, for instance, when available background imagery is outdated; they don't show the current geographic distribution of the farm and fields and therefore cannot be used to draw the farm.

In this cases, in addition to drawing the farm in 360 and, if the ordered service requires it, the fields (these items are requested in the beginning of the ordering process; without them the order cannot proceed), further data is sent.

Required data

  • A sketch of the farm
  • GPS data for the vertexes of the farm
Note Note: If you're working with irrigation circles, you won't have any vertex you can use. In this case, take several points in the center, and some in the perimeter

Farm sketch

A sketch of your farm will be useful to get familiar with its shape and do the digitizing needed to begin producing services. The image below shows an appropiate sketch:


GPS points

GPS points can be used to get a precise spatial location of your farm. They must be located in the perimeter of the farm, and evenly distributed across the farm area, avoiding lack of points in any area. The previous image also shows an example of a correct point distribution.

Depending on the shape of the farm, additional GPS points may be required to get a precise location.This article shows some examples of farms with more complex shapes and how to choose representative points.

Finally, don't forget to check the reference system is properly set and your GPS points are taken correctly

Sending additional data

The additional data may be sent during the order process, in the Upload file stage

Send files in 360.png

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