Management zones definition in Precision farming cycle (Obsolete)

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This is the sixth stage in the Precision farming cycle. The Management zones map is built, grouping zones from the productivity map with similar productivity and simplyfing them.

Input data


  • Tools: GeoAgro GIS

Using the Productivity maps, along the observations from the field validation, plus the results from the field sampling, you should have enough information to use GeoAgro GIS and group zones with similar productivity in Management zones. E.g., productivities rated as high and very high can be grouped in the same zones; and the same goes with for medium to high, medium and medium to low, and finally with low and very low productivities. The new map will help make the upcoming stages simpler and feature a legend which will use the terminology from your region.

Management zones in PFC 1.jpg

Create management zones layer

In the first step you will copy the Productivity map to a new Management zones layer, where the grouping process will be done. El primer paso de esta actividad es copiar el Mapa de productividad a la nueva capa de Ambientes donde se realizara el proceso de agrupamiento. This guide will show you how to do it.

Grouping zones

Having created your layer, you will now be able to group zones with similar productivity in management zones. This guide will show you how.

Things to consider when creating management zones

Number of zones: more than 4 types of zones on the same field will make the field work more complicated.

Zone limits: when going through the field visit, take into account and analyze where a zone transitions into a different zone, and whether it's a gradual or sudden process.

Defining how productivities will be merged: to define which and how many productivities will be merged into a single zone, consider all relevant factors. Some of them may be:

  • Historic crop behavior in each different productivity zone.
  • Forecasted and expected weather.
  • Impact of each productivity area size in the whole field.
  • Operative conditions that may impact in your zone management (E.g. if you have machinery which can manage microzones)

Exporting your management zone map layer

In order to upload it to 360, you must export your map from GeoAgro GIS to a .LAY file. You may do this with the Create layer backup tool.

Upload layer to 360

Finally, upload your .LAY file to 360 to deliver it to the final customer. Choose the correct Precision farming cycle service then use the import data tool to upload it.

Protocol for implementing the Precision Farming cycle

1. Validation of georeferencing   2. Base info   3. Productivity map   4. Management zones definition   5. Variable Input prescription map   6. Application map   7. Yield map