Monteverde Costa Rica

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Comfort and elegance is what a hotel like Villa-Blanca offers, travels to Costa Rica have never been better with hotels like this. Let me explain to you why a lodge like Villa-Blanca, positioned in Monte Verde, has so many countless services and it's distinctive in it's own.

The environment and wild-life in general are two of the factors that remain really connected in all of monteverde cloud forest reserve, this is to make vacationers feel like they are in straightforward contact with nature, and to make them feel just at home.. One can say that the only monteverde costa rica that has efficiently bonded with nature so tremendously that it's outstanding, it's got to be Villa-Blanca, this resort surely stands alone when you compare it to the others, in here you truly feel in the heart of the mountain sharing the place with the wild-life

To get started with, on the construction of this hotel only one tree was cut in the middle of the forest, which was replaced rapidly after, this shows you how eco-friendly it could get.

Positioned in the mountain, Villa-Blanca has an amazing view of the dazzling waters of Monte Verde Beach, it's fairly close to the ocean too, just a couple minutes away from enjoying the warm waters.

Relaxation, privacy and comfort are the three significant elements that you can get from this lodge, this is accomplished by two significant elements, it's integrity with nature which will relax you and also give you a lot of privacy taking into consideration there's absolutely nothing surrounding the resort, and comfort is provided by all of the services that this lodge has to offer each and every single one of their clients. All the suites are luxurious but they also have some further luxury ones like the honey-moon suite.

Once you initiate getting closer to the resort you'll experience this excellent feeling of bonding with nature, this lodge has it all really, that's what makes it extraordinary. Solar panes supply most of the resorts electricity and the water is seriously reprocessed so that there's little to no throw away. Villa-Blanca fights versus the giants world-wide whenever it comes to sustainability lodging, this hotel has showed it's results and connection with nature, this has set the bar really high for local resorts and even country-wide resorts.

Villa-Blanca supplies spectacular tours that range from night-walks in nature to horseback-riding to swimming in a waterfall, it's up to you to make your mind up what should you want to experience. The national park of Monte Verde is located just a few minutes away from the resort, you could additionally experience that and the beach that it has to grant, which is awesome and from personal experience, it's by far the very best shore I've ever been to.